How to Apply

Exhibition fees (tax included)

Space only / 9m2
(Standard Exhibition)
Standard Exhibition 451,000JPY
Members 360,800JPY
Package Booth / 4m2
* Company)
Standard Exhibition 225,500JPY

Specification [ 4m2 package booth ]

  • 1 Folding chair
  • 1 Company name plate
  • 1 Meeting Table (W1500 D600 H730 , White Linen)
  • 2 Side panel
  • 2 Long Spot Light (100W)
  • Installation of electric supply: 100V5A, 500W

    * Side panels are not included for booths located on corners. Please inform the Secretariat if you require one.

* Booth allocation will be determined by the organizer.

Booth image

4m2 Image

How to apply

Simply complete the Application Form via Online.

in consideration with the followings:

  • Carefully read the "Exhibition Regulations"
  • Select the exhibition based on your product
  • Please be sure to read the “Terms and conditions” on the reverse side of the application form.  The terms and conditions may differ depending on which exhibition you apply to.
  • The Secretariat will prepare the invoice, which will be made available on the Exhibitor Website.  Please make the payment by the date stated on the invoice.
1 Deadline
Friday, March 11, 2022
2 Cancellation charges
If an exhibit is cancelled due to the circumstances of the exhibitor, cancellation charges (full or partial fees) shall apply as below.
Date of receipt of written notification of cancellation Cancellation Charges
Until Wednesday,April 13, 2022 50% of booth fees
Thursday, April 14 – Wednesday, May 11, 2022 70% of booth fees
From Thursday, May 12, 2022 onward 100% of booth fees

Information on the standard package booth for exhibitors

Package booth
We are offering cost-effective package booths including basic furnishings and ornamentation as a set.

Information on the standard package booth for exhibitors 82,500JPY (tax included)

Parapets 1 set
Carpet 9m2
Company name display 1 set
Power outlet 2 lights
Electrical wiring 1.3Kw
Reception set 1 set
Display stands 3 stands

* The above prices are fees for furnishing and ornamentation only. Specifications and prices are subject to change. More details will be announced around End of March, 2022.

**Please refer to the following websites for the most recent information.



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