Concept / Target

Accelerating Digital Society through the Fusion of Cutting-edge Optical Technologies and Electronics
- Beyond 5G/6G, Autonomous vehicles, Robotics, Sensing, Security -


Categories of Exhibits

  • 1. Optical devices and devices for automobiles and vehicles
  • 2. Optical equipment and devices for manufacturing / production systems
  • 3. Optical devices and devices for data centers
  • 4. Optical device for long-distance communication, optical device
  • 5. Healthcare / medical optical devices, optical devices
  • 6. Audio Visual/ home appliances

Categories of Visitors

  • ① Automobile / in-vehicle manufacturer, optical parts / system manufacturer, light source / laser / light source device manufacturer, communication / network equipment manufacturer, industrial processing / manufacturing equipment manufacturer, printed board manufacturer, semiconductor manufacturer, university / research institution, etc.
  • ② Applications: Autonomous vehicle, healthcare, biotechnology, agriculture, information and communication, security, Factory Automation, robots

Optical & Next Generation Application Network System Exhibition

"Optical & next-generation applications" that newly respond to the digital transformation era, from development applications to industrial applications in a wide range of fields such as automobiles / in-vehicle, optical communication / data transmission, manufacturing / production, AV / home appliances, healthcare / edical fields, etc.
As a "Network System Exhibition", we will bring together cutting-edge optical technologies.

Cutting-edge technology exhibition of LED applications centered on ultraviolet and infrared

In addition to sterilization and medical applications using ultraviolet and infrared LEDs, the event will focus on cutting-edge technologies and products such as curing, vapor deposition, and communication.

Image Processing / Sensing Technology Exhibition

This is an exhibition where cutting-edge image processing and imaging technologies, including non-contact sensors, mainly in the infrared region, are gathered.



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