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Technical Exhibition for Optical Devices & Laser Systems

InterOpto is the international trade show that unites advanced technologies of photonics, optoelectronics and lasers from Japan and abroad. Moving the location to Yokohama in 2010, InterOpto became attracting more attention from researchers and engineers and is committed a major source of information of photonics industry. This show showcases the latest solution for optical technology, from precision equipment, semiconductor, communication, measurement, to biotechnology and become more meaningful by collocating with the shows, which specify the popular application. Many opportunities abound in InterOpto as representative of burgeoning photonics industry.

Category of Exhibits

[Laser / Light Sources]

Lasers (semiconductor, YAG, fiber, etc.), LED (Light Emitting Diode), OLED (Organic EL), Other light sources and illuminators

[Optical Devices / Modules]

Optical devices/Modules, Lenses/Filters, Mirrors/Prisms, Optical fibers, Optical connectors, Optical passive devices, Optical disk media, Scanner, Optical integrated circuit, Others


Crystals, Glasses, Ceramics, Silicon, Plastics/Organic materials, Compound semiconductor, Others

[Optical Equipment / Instruments ]

Optical measuring equipment, Optical sensors, Optical transmitters/instruments, Spectroscopy/Analytical system, Optical equipment, Optical disc device, Camera/Display equipment/devices, Image processors/devices, Laser-applied production equipment, Others

[Industry- Concerned Equipment ]

Vibration isolators/Optical tabletop, Positioners, Opto-laboratory equipment/devices, Power supplies/Driver IC, Coating equipment, Protective glasses, Other equipment and devices

[Services / Software ]

Software, Design/Engineering services, Testing/Machining services, Others

Visitors Category

System integrators, Optical system users, Manufacturers of Semiconductors/electronics components, Precision equipment, Telecommunication equipment, Optical equipment/components, Distributors, Universities/Laboratories/Governments, Others

Technical Exhibition for DUV Market & Application of LED


Category of Exhibits


Manufacturing Equipment / Service, Materials, Test & Measurement / Related Equipment / Service, Software, LED Chip / Module / Drivers, LED Indicator, LED Application Products / Service,related products, Others

Visitors Category

LED manufacturers and manufacturing equipment distributors, LED system integrators, Manufacturers of Electronic appliances, Telecommunication equipment, Automobile, Medical devices, Signs / Displays / Signals, Designers, Universities / Laboratories / Governments, Others

Technical Exhibition for Image Processing & Sensing


Category of Exhibits


Various kinds of image sensors / cameras , image processing systems , Image recognition , Deep Learning , Micro vision , Display , VR / AR , LiDAR

Visitors Category

Automobile, Medical devices, Optical equipment/components, Distributors, Measuring instruments , Optical components / Optical devices ,Universities/Laboratories/Governments

Exhibition Fee

Early Bird Discount <March 31(Fri.), 2018>
10%off(9m² booth only)

Space only / 9m²

388,000 JPY (tax included)

Package Booth / 4m²
* Company

194,400 JPY (tax included) ◎

Package Booth / 4m²
* Public Organizations,
Overseas Pavilions & University Labs Only

54,000 JPY (tax included) ◎


Space only (W2,970mm × D2,970mm: approx.9m2)

* Neighboring booths are separated by panels that set up in-between. For the corner booth, there are no panels on the aisle side.

* Exhibition fee does not include the cost for installation/dismantling, decoration, booth cleaning/disposal,and the charge for electricity, water supply, drainage and phone etc.

How to apply

Simply complete the Application Form and submit it to the Secretariat.

  1. Deadline for application: June 29(Fri.), 2018
    *Please note that the application will be closed when the planned number is reached, even before the deadline.
  2. Deadline for payment: July 31(Tue.), 2018
  3. Cancellation:
    In principle, applications cannot be cancelled after the Application Form is submitted. Only when the Secretariat deems it unavoidable, the cancellation will be accepted. In such cases, the following cancellation fee will be incurred based on the date when the cancellation is received in written form.
The received date of cancellation Cancellation fee
Before June 29(Fri.), 2018 50% of the invoiced amount
On and after June 30(Sat.), 2018 100% of the invoiced amount

Important Dates

March 30(Fri.), 2018 Deadline for Early Bird Discount
June 29(Fri.), 2018 Deadline for Exhibit Application
Mid-July, 2018 (TBD) Exhibitor Manual and floorplan will be announced
July 31(Tue.), 2018 Deadline for payment
Begining Autust, 2018 Distribution of invitations
October 15(Mon.)-16(Tue.), 2018 Move-in and Set up(2 days)
October 17(Wed.)-19(Fri.), 2018 Exhibition Open(3 days)

* Move-out on Oct.19(Fri.) after the show is closed.

Package Booth (Optional)

To order, please refer to the exhibitor manual (to be sent at the end of July, 2018).

Booth Type

1 Booth Plan(9m²)

1 Booth

2 Booth Plan(18m²)

2 Booth

Price (tax tnctuded) 108,000 JPY (tax included) 172,800 JPY (tax included)
  • System Panels
  • Parapet
  • Carpet
  • 2 Long Spot Llght (100W)
  • 2 Outlets
  • 1 Trash Can
  • Installation of electric suppply: 100V65A, 500W
  • Company plate & Fascia board
  • Reception Counter (W900 D450 H800)
  • 2 Display Cabinets (W990 D990 H750)
  • 2 Folding Chair
  • 1 Catalogue Stand
  • System Panels
  • Parapet
  • Carpet
  • 4 Long Spot Llght (100W)
  • 2 Outlets
  • 1 Trash Can
  • Installation of electric suppply: 100V65A, 1kW
  • Company plate & Fascia board
  • Reception Counter (W900 D450 H800)
  • 4 Display Cabinets (W990 D990 H750)
  • 2 Folding Chair
  • 1 Catalogue Stand

*The price Listed above is for a package booth only , and dose not include the cost of the booth space.
*For 3 booths or more, please contact the Secretariat.

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