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Materials and Optical Devices for Next Generation Applications

Smart Mobility

LiDAR, MEMS mirror, optical sensor, optical switch, automotive camera, optical connector, active optical cable, isolator, optical transmission device, LED/laser lighting etc.

Smart Factory

Optical encoders, VCSELs, optical switches, image sensors, measuring instruments, lighting equipment, laser processing systems, UV irradiators, positioning equipment, TOF, industrial imaging systems, etc.

Smart Life

Optical sensors, input/output devices, AI cameras, IR spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, fluorescence spectrometers, optical photography systems, OCT systems, laser displays, organic EL, micro LED, VR/AR/MR etc..

Optical mounting and packaging

Optical connector, optical waveguide, optical transmitter/receiver, optical semiconductor, integrated optical chip, semiconductor laser, laser driver IC, optical print plate, encapsulation material, compound semiconductor material, etc.

Measuring equipment/optical analysis equipment/manufacturing equipment

Optical measuring instruments, optical spectrum analyzers, optical power meters, optical network analyzers, optical application measuring instruments, surface profile measuring systems, evaluation and analysis equipment, etc

Imaging Japan Exhibit Coverage

Image Processing and Recognition Technologies

Image processing software, AI/deep learning, pattern recognition, etc.

Image Processing Equipment

Image boards, image processing equipment/transmission equipment, input/output equipment, measurement/analysis systems, imaging systems, etc.

Various cameras and sensors

Image sensors, CMOS cameras, hyperspectral cameras, smart cameras, machine vision cameras, 2D/3D laser scanners, etc.

Target Visitors

Automotive/In-vehicle Manufacturers,Electronic and electric equipment manufacturers, Semiconductor and electronic component manufacbieturers,Healthcare and medical equipment manufacturers, Industrial processing and manufacturing equipment manufacturers,FA/robotics system manufacturers, University research institutions,Research and development personnel, production engineers, design engineers,etc.

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